How it all started (My husband and I’s photography journey)

Hello everyone, my name is Raine and I am a photographer’s wife. In the year 2012 my husband took liking on taking pictures on whatever subject he finds interesting or even amusing. It all started out as a hobby and little did we know that photography would become part and parcel of our lives. In my coming blogs hopefully (if I won’t get lazy or preoccupied hehe), I will be explaining to you the feelings of getting involved in the world of photography more specifically my husband as a wedding photographer. But for now, I will be sharing to you my husband’s work since 2012 up to present…

Excerpt from his previous works (Rasul Leonor Photography):


Sidney and Angelica

July 7, 2012

Ryan and Janice

Ryan and Janice

March 4, 2013

Bryan and Ivy

Bryan and Ivy

June 15, 2014

Joseph and Joy

Joseph and Joy (E-session)

August 24, 2015

Popee and Weng

Popee and Weng

December 19,2015

Edward and Derdrei

Edward and Derdrei

June 27, 2016

  These are just very few of his works taken from his  Facebook page @Rasul Leonor Photography, for more pictures just visit his page = P. See yah!


For the Love of Clothes

Since I am feeling a tad better today, I asked my hubby to take a picture of me lookbook style. I always love clothes since I was younger, fitted, loose and out of this world designs makes me feel giddy and happy. I even had the guts to cut my tops and sew ribbons and buttons on it. But now that I am older I know better haha, the simpler way of being fashionable is knowing your body type, wear comfortable and practical clothes. When I say comfort, I literally mean comfortable outfits, you don’t want to go outside wearing tight-fitted outfits that would cause shortness of breath. Now lets go to “practical,” for me practicality does not mean simplicity, choose clothes that are so cute and fun to look at while being able to hold your head up high. You know what I mean! Like do not go over board with your outfits, for instance a cute jacket is okay, but please do not wear it on a super, super hot day just because it is cute. Knowing the place you are going and the people you are going  with is also a good help on choosing what to wear. Anyway, here’s a photo of me!IMG_20151014_075704


I have now reached that road in my life that seems like a dead end. I feel so so depressed, like I want to shout to the world that I am tired and confused. Actually, I could be wrong you know? Like, this could be just laziness kicking in and consuming the very whole of me. I didn’t know this could be possible, I mean I don’t even want to think or do anything, except for surviving each day I  think. My spirit is low, I don’t know what happiness even means anymore. I feel like a robot doing regular things but not actually thinking or planning or even feeling. I used to be very happy, high spirited to be exact. In fact, if I am to describe my self, number one in my rank is that, I am a HAPPY person. Sadly enough, I don’t know me anymore. There are just too many factors pulling me down, making me sad and now the happy me is completely defeated. No juice, no juice to push my self up.

Hmp, I hate those factors affecting me, they are too personal to shrug off. Why, I even consider them as my fortress, my guide, my happiness. Wow, now this is what it feels like being dropped like a hot potato. Trust, what trust?! Such a waste of emotion, such a waste of time. I hope nobody feels exactly the way I feel right now. I wouldn’t wish this not even to an enemy, whom I don’t have thank God! Otherwise, surviving won’t even be possible for me. Anyway, boohoo life is miserable……….


Photo by Panoramio

Rainy Season

It is rainy season here in the Philippines. I kind of like the cold weather, we do not exactly experience this all the time. We are a tropical country thus, heat and dust is very frequent. What I love about the rainy season is that you can pile up the clothes that you want to wear. I mean I cannot just use a jacket on a sunny day, right?! That will just be absolutely ridiculous. And besides sometimes people here can be rude, I mean if they find your outfit not fitting for the weather they would talk behind your back or even laugh at you. I know, I know I am not supposed to be affected with these kind of criticisms, however, as human as I am I get to be sensitive sometimes. And if I am hurt, I will be having a bad day and we do not want that don’t we? Anyway, let us go back to the rain, I like rainy season because I feel relaxed, the cold air that brushes against my face is just so calming. I can think well when I am cool and relaxed because of the weather.  If the weather is cold, how great it is to stay on your bed hugging your pillow and curled up under your blanket.

Rainy season has its downside as well. The cold weather tends to make you a bit lazy. Because of the cold weather you just want to curl up in bed. And furthermore and most importantly, I do not know how to walk on a wet pavement, aaaarrrrgggghhhh! my pants or legs will get wet and dirty from the wet and muddy streets. Anyway, I will not dwell more on its downside because, if I have to weigh things out I still would love the cold weather. Besides, it does not really last long.

Here is a photo of me donning my boots on a rainy day.Boots

Rasul Leonor Photography Weddings and Portraits

I am proud to say that I am the wife of a professional photographer, I am proud to say that I am his assistant in his works and most importantly I am proud of my Photographer husband. He never ceases to improve his craft. He loves his job and he puts passion in his work. I appreciate the fact that even if he is paid for what he is doing, he never compromises his shots. He wants his clients to be happy and content with their pictures. He does not do this for money alone but for the craft itself. Here are some of my favorite photos that he took.

wedding 1

wedding 2

wedding 3

wedding 4

wedding 5

wedding 6

wedding 7

Gotta love ’em Cupcakes

Yesterday was quite an exhausting day.  You know that feeling as if the whole world is closing in on you and that you’re helpless. That was the exact feeling I had. I was tired physically and emotionally. I was sad, upset and angry. I am angry at myself and to the world. I cannot actually explain further the reasons why. But I can vividly share with you my sentiments. You see life is never perfect, and sometimes things does not go the way you planned them to be. It is so frustrating when a good plan is shattered into pieces and it seems that it is no longer reparable.

So, since I was grasping for breath and exasperated, I needed an outlet and clothes nor music do not fit in. I decided to paint. I chose cupcakes as the object of painting because, I love to eat cupcakes, I love to look at them, their colors and designs and I find them  very cute and uplifting, weird but true.Whenever I see cupcakes as I passed by a bakeshop or coffee shop, it makes me smile.

After I finished my painting, I felt good. As if a part of that burden was lifted up from me. I was not completely happy but at least I was calm. And now, I share to you my simple painting = ).cupcakes

Life is like a bowl of Grapes and Stawberries

Sometimes, I can compare my life with the taste of fruits it could be sweet, bitter or even sour. But no matter what the taste is, from everybody’s point of view that little bowl of fruits looks colorful. Life is like that, there will be times that we are happy and times that we are sad, whatever our emotions may be our life is still deemed colorful. Even though, I am not that old, I am still proud to say that from years of experience as I grow older each year I have learned to appreciate life even more. My wants and needs swiftly change, from unreasonable spending to practical saving. I have learned to be happy not just basing it on material things but life per se. I love looking at nature, I am most happy spending time with my family even if sometimes we are just in our home watching movies. I love to read books, it takes me to places that even reality cannot create. I love listening to beautiful songs, they could be upbeat or mellow for as long as they give positive vibes, I dig them. I love flowers they make me happy, they are lovely to look at and they smell nice too.

All these simple things is what matters to me most now, it is true, that from buying an expensive outfit you feel happy, but once you are able to purchase it, then take it home that happiness seems to disappear, it does not last that long. Nothing beats the happiness you will feel by spending time with your loved ones during picnics or even in the beach. Looking back to that kind of memory even if it happened years ago, just by reminiscing you will definitely feel happy.  grapes and strawberries

The Love Month

Hello World! Everybody seems be fussing about Valentine’s Day, as if it is that big of a deal. Well, reality hits me, it truly is a big deal not just for lovers but for LOVE itself. I have come to believe that, V-day is a day when you commemorate the true value and meaning of love. Let us not focus on the fact of having someone on that day because that would be ridiculous. You do not actually need to fall in love in February just because you wanted to celebrate V-day. That would defeat the real meaning of love, that would become a mockery in fact. Valentine’s Day is actually a beautiful day, it is a reminder to us that we are human and capable of loving. It is a day wherein we are reminded and given a chance to show how much we love the persons who are special to us. I am using plural here because I do not want to focus on a partner or lover alone.

Each year, I see to it that I make this day special not just for my husband but for the rest of my family as well. My understanding of true love have grown through the years. I understand that to be in love means, that you have got to love yourself first , in order to be able to show and give love to others. You must be able to accept who you are and by accept means respect yourself. Next, to be in love means, you have to be in love with life itself. You see, when you are in a relationship you tend to focus on your partner that you forget that the world does not revolve around you alone.  You will tend to forget how to appreciate the fact that you have your family, your work or school for that matter, and your appreciation to your friends will diminish as well. And lastly, to be in love is to grow in love, meaning do not stop appreciating the gestures that your loved ones do to you, may it be little or big. Never stop showing how much you appreciate your loved ones and most importantly be in love with love. See the bigger picture always. =)love bear

Hello Lazy Me

Oh gosh! I have been meaning to blog, really, it is true. But I did not seem to have the “gusto” to write. Apparently, I caught the dreaded laziness disease. And now, I have found the strength to sit and type, unfortunately, my mind seems to be rattling, as if there are gazillion of ideas running in my head and I cannot pick just one useful and meaningful topic. So I guess this blog will sadly be about me being lazy and all, a not so ideal trait for a mother. Do not get me wrong though, I still do my motherly duties every single day no absence.

Life is still the same filled with colors as always, happy moments, sad moments and of course crazy moments every now and then. Christmas and New Year, I was not able to blog about them, but I think it was beautiful and fast, like I was not really able to taste the beauty of it or in other words if given a choice I wish it lingered more.

New Year’s resolution, I do not have one, not because I may not be able to fulfill them, but I think each year, I get to learn valuable lessons from my mistakes, my peers’ as well as from watching movies. But so far, for this year 2015  my happy experience is my nephew’s first birthday, I get to meet my relatives and friends and most importantly my family had a great time. So this year onwards I am expecting and prayer very, very hard for a beautiful and glorious life.

family pic