Halloween School Fiesta

I miss writing here in wordpress, I have been very, very busy. My son just had their Halloween School Fiesta and the parents get to join the fun as well. The kids as well as the parents get to play dress up for this occasion. And since my son is going as a cowboy I took the liberty of dressing up as a cowgirl myself. My close friend in school who is also a mother decided to go with the same costume as I. The children showed us their dance performance and so did their teachers. It was so much fun, after their program, the best part followed eating time! Here are few of the pictures take from this event.

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Love Of My Life

These two boys are the love of my life. We may have misunderstandings and misgivings with regard certain things, but my love for them never falter. And because I love them very much, I also learn to love myself and discover what makes me happy outside my family life. You see, in order to be an efficient mother and a loving wife, there is a need to love and respect yourself first. Only from loving and accepting who you are can you truly love others. How can you value love, when you do  not know what it truly means first hand? How can you know it is true love, when you have not experienced it first hand either?.

Do not be scared and feel guilty of loving yourself, because like me, by loving my self, I was able to show real love to my son and husband.

  Tamugan River

Private Places


I love this book Private Places by Judith Wilson, basically it gives ideas on how to create your own space inside your own home, without actually, the need of bigger spaces. In this particular book, it teaches how to arrange furniture in order to make the space look spacious despite the limited size. The author explains that, you do not really need a big house just to create a space of your own, for hobbies or for relaxation purposes.  I love looking at the pages of the book especially the part where, the books are displayed on beautiful and practical shelves, because I myself, am a book lover.

There are also various designs to choose from, like if you are a person who loves everything vintage, this book also shows you what furniture to use and how to decorate the room. It even has a page that shows modern ideas for a limited space. But as for me I am more of an eclectic type of person meaning, I want a little bit of mostly everything, from modern, to vintage and even country design.

So imagine, my luck for having bought this book on sale! I was so happy, because at least I have a hardbound copy which I can browse anytime I want without really worrying about internet connections. Because you know sometimes, all you really need is a book.

Anything Kawaii

I am fascinated with anything kawaii, from cute pens, notebooks and cellphone holders too. And since I love to write, just about anything, well I used to keep diaries before, I now collect cute pens. The colors and designs may vary and even the sizes too. In fact, I took a photo of few of my pen collections without the longs pens because it would not fit in the picture.


I even have this idea, that when there’s a birthday celebration with kawaii themes, you can use pens as cute give aways to your guests. The good thing about cute pens is that you do not need to spend more than your budget because most of these pens are not expensive. In my case, I  am more inspired to write if I’ll be using these kind of pens. Anyways, have a nice day everyone!(“,)


I really believe that friends, are heaven sent, real friends that is. What is a real friend? Well, first and foremost a real friend is someone who will accept you for who you really are. No buts, no whys just pure acceptance. A real, friend is someone who is frank and honest, not afraid to tell you the truth. She is like a live conscience who will kick you in the gut, if you will not come to your senses. A real friend, is someone who will stand by you and defend you. A true friend is that person who believes in you and who know better. Someone who will never judge you and someone who truly cares.

Once in a while, we get to be lucky to meet real friends, they maybe few, but at least they are real. I’d rather have few friends, who are true to me, than quite a number who are not even honest. Moving on, time is not really a lone basis if a friend is true to you, meaning you can have a friend whom you knew for a long time only to find out that she is not really a friend. And you can also have this friend whom you meet for just a couple of years, who has proven that she is actually worth keeping.

I have my share of ups and downs when it comes to friendship, but I still consider myself lucky, to have meet real friends who are true to themselves and to me as well. Thank God for real friends



There are a thousand reasons to smile, it could be a raise, high score in Math, a present, a birthday so on and so forth. But the greatest and fulfilling smile that could ever register on your face is when you are in a company of a love one. I do not exactly know how and why is that, whenever you are in love, your senses seem to be heightened. Meaning, your palms become sweaty whenever you see him. You keep on humming a ridiculously romantic tune, without even noticing it. You have difficulty eating, it is as if you are always full. You will be watching romantic movies and gush about them. You keep on day dreaming and you space out haha. And you wake up every single day looking forward to a beautiful and eventful day ahead.

It is beautiful to be in love and it manifests through your smile. But always remember, whatever the reason that brought about that smile, may it be an individual, an event or even a thing, it would be up to you to keep that smile last.

Nota Bene: I am in love with love per se….Church in Bukidnon

Make Up

My husband is a photographer, and sometimes if there is a wedding project, I get to be the second shooter or in other words the assistant(“,). But sometimes, I am forced to be his subject in a photoshoot like this one.(“,)..


I do not know if you guys can recognize this face from a movie, I get the idea from the film “Alice in Wonderland.” I was fascinated by the role of the Queen in the movie, I think that even if she is not really that kind, I still find her funny, her character that is.  I did the make up myself, at least I get to practice, until I become comfortable with doing make up on myself regularly. Because, I am not really that comfortable applying make up on myself, although I help some of my friends by doing their make up. I would rather apply make up to another girl than do my own make up. And I love designing the place for a shoot rather than be the subject of the shoot. I just cannot stand still, haha. Oh well, I am looking forward to another shoot, wherein I get to be the make up artist. I was wondering what concept it would be? (“,)..


I titled my blog  SELF, not because I am vain, but it is deeper than that. The very reason why I choose SELF as a title of my blog is that, everything, every factor in my life, every individual, every experience sums up as my SELF.

I am made up of many loves and many hurts. This is my SELF. I am not complete without my love ones, my family to be specific. I am not myself if I was not at peace with my past. I am not myself if I ignore reality and I would not be my self, if I will not look forward to a beautiful future.

I always explain to people, whenever I start a blog that I am a  girl, in love with love. This may sound ridiculous, how can you be in love with love?, you might ask. Well, it is simple, I have a tendency to look pass the hurt and the pain. And I am a sucker for true love and romance. So even if my reality is far from perfect, I am always, always in love. Still not convinced?  I am going to give you an example, I am married and I have a beautiful sweet boy for a son. Me and my husband, we fight most of the time. Sometimes, I am depressed and sad, but it does not actually stop me from living my life the way I want it to be. Meaning, I still manage to smile. Even if we fight a lot, I am still here, because despite the fact that my life is not perfect, I have all the reasons in the world to be happy. Simple things, can make me smile. I so much enjoy watching romantic comedies they kind of inspire me. I love adorable stuff, from cute pens to notebooks and even stickers despite of my age. I appreciate beautiful songs, so that whenever I am sad, I just listen to my favorite tunes, somehow it eases the sorrow. I love browsing beautiful pictures of houses in the internet, imagine that, even this makes me smile. And check this I am obsessed with my bed, I consider it as my sanctuary, so it must have a clean sheet and nice smelling pillows. Oh well, this is me, I can be naive, strict, funny, ridiculous, sensitive, sweet and a whole lot more.