I titled my blog  SELF, not because I am vain, but it is deeper than that. The very reason why I choose SELF as a title of my blog is that, everything, every factor in my life, every individual, every experience sums up as my SELF.

I am made up of many loves and many hurts. This is my SELF. I am not complete without my love ones, my family to be specific. I am not myself if I was not at peace with my past. I am not myself if I ignore reality and I would not be my self, if I will not look forward to a beautiful future.

I always explain to people, whenever I start a blog that I am a  girl, in love with love. This may sound ridiculous, how can you be in love with love?, you might ask. Well, it is simple, I have a tendency to look pass the hurt and the pain. And I am a sucker for true love and romance. So even if my reality is far from perfect, I am always, always in love. Still not convinced?  I am going to give you an example, I am married and I have a beautiful sweet boy for a son. Me and my husband, we fight most of the time. Sometimes, I am depressed and sad, but it does not actually stop me from living my life the way I want it to be. Meaning, I still manage to smile. Even if we fight a lot, I am still here, because despite the fact that my life is not perfect, I have all the reasons in the world to be happy. Simple things, can make me smile. I so much enjoy watching romantic comedies they kind of inspire me. I love adorable stuff, from cute pens to notebooks and even stickers despite of my age. I appreciate beautiful songs, so that whenever I am sad, I just listen to my favorite tunes, somehow it eases the sorrow. I love browsing beautiful pictures of houses in the internet, imagine that, even this makes me smile. And check this I am obsessed with my bed, I consider it as my sanctuary, so it must have a clean sheet and nice smelling pillows. Oh well, this is me, I can be naive, strict, funny, ridiculous, sensitive, sweet and a whole lot more.



4 thoughts on “Self

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I wrote blogs in my account at and I also have bubblews, but I am not actually happy with the second one because it seems that most of the members there do not actually read your blog, they are more on the profit. So I started my blog here, I am super new here, just started(“,).


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