Make Up

My husband is a photographer, and sometimes if there is a wedding project, I get to be the second shooter or in other words the assistant(“,). But sometimes, I am forced to be his subject in a photoshoot like this one.(“,)..


I do not know if you guys can recognize this face from a movie, I get the idea from the film “Alice in Wonderland.” I was fascinated by the role of the Queen in the movie, I think that even if she is not really that kind, I still find her funny, her character that is.  I did the make up myself, at least I get to practice, until I become comfortable with doing make up on myself regularly. Because, I am not really that comfortable applying make up on myself, although I help some of my friends by doing their make up. I would rather apply make up to another girl than do my own make up. And I love designing the place for a shoot rather than be the subject of the shoot. I just cannot stand still, haha. Oh well, I am looking forward to another shoot, wherein I get to be the make up artist. I was wondering what concept it would be? (“,)..


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