There are a thousand reasons to smile, it could be a raise, high score in Math, a present, a birthday so on and so forth. But the greatest and fulfilling smile that could ever register on your face is when you are in a company of a love one. I do not exactly know how and why is that, whenever you are in love, your senses seem to be heightened. Meaning, your palms become sweaty whenever you see him. You keep on humming a ridiculously romantic tune, without even noticing it. You have difficulty eating, it is as if you are always full. You will be watching romantic movies and gush about them. You keep on day dreaming and you space out haha. And you wake up every single day looking forward to a beautiful and eventful day ahead.

It is beautiful to be in love and it manifests through your smile. But always remember, whatever the reason that brought about that smile, may it be an individual, an event or even a thing, it would be up to you to keep that smile last.

Nota Bene: I am in love with love per se….Church in Bukidnon


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