Fashion as I Know It

I have been meaning to write but it seems that time was not that generous for these couple of days. But I am so glad now, I have all the time in the world to write again. I love fashion, I love clothes not much on accessories and shoes, but clothes a definite yes. That is why, I had my picture taken by my hubby to update one of my accounts with regard clothes.

My outfit in this picture  reflects a boyish, free-spirited and carefree me. I love jeans so much, they are so comfortable and you can easily move around with it. Caps are not just protection from the heat of the sun or from the cold weather but it is a great accessory too. It can easily change a bad hair day into a chic street gal. Sneakers, who does not want sneakers, you can run, jump and just play around without getting tired feet. All in all the outfit, my outfit is street smart and comfy.