Hello Lazy Me

Oh gosh! I have been meaning to blog, really, it is true. But I did not seem to have the “gusto” to write. Apparently, I caught the dreaded laziness disease. And now, I have found the strength to sit and type, unfortunately, my mind seems to be rattling, as if there are gazillion of ideas running in my head and I cannot pick just one useful and meaningful topic. So I guess this blog will sadly be about me being lazy and all, a not so ideal trait for a mother. Do not get me wrong though, I still do my motherly duties every single day no absence.

Life is still the same filled with colors as always, happy moments, sad moments and of course crazy moments every now and then. Christmas and New Year, I was not able to blog about them, but I think it was beautiful and fast, like I was not really able to taste the beauty of it or in other words if given a choice I wish it lingered more.

New Year’s resolution, I do not have one, not because I may not be able to fulfill them, but I think each year, I get to learn valuable lessons from my mistakes, my peers’ as well as from watching movies. But so far, for this year 2015  my happy experience is my nephew’s first birthday, I get to meet my relatives and friends and most importantly my family had a great time. So this year onwards I am expecting and prayer very, very hard for a beautiful and glorious life.

family pic