Life is like a bowl of Grapes and Stawberries

Sometimes, I can compare my life with the taste of fruits it could be sweet, bitter or even sour. But no matter what the taste is, from everybody’s point of view that little bowl of fruits looks colorful. Life is like that, there will be times that we are happy and times that we are sad, whatever our emotions may be our life is still deemed colorful. Even though, I am not that old, I am still proud to say that from years of experience as I grow older each year I have learned to appreciate life even more. My wants and needs swiftly change, from unreasonable spending to practical saving. I have learned to be happy not just basing it on material things but life per se. I love looking at nature, I am most happy spending time with my family even if sometimes we are just in our home watching movies. I love to read books, it takes me to places that even reality cannot create. I love listening to beautiful songs, they could be upbeat or mellow for as long as they give positive vibes, I dig them. I love flowers they make me happy, they are lovely to look at and they smell nice too.

All these simple things is what matters to me most now, it is true, that from buying an expensive outfit you feel happy, but once you are able to purchase it, then take it home that happiness seems to disappear, it does not last that long. Nothing beats the happiness you will feel by spending time with your loved ones during picnics or even in the beach. Looking back to that kind of memory even if it happened years ago, just by reminiscing you will definitely feel happy.  grapes and strawberries