Rainy Season

It is rainy season here in the Philippines. I kind of like the cold weather, we do not exactly experience this all the time. We are a tropical country thus, heat and dust is very frequent. What I love about the rainy season is that you can pile up the clothes that you want to wear. I mean I cannot just use a jacket on a sunny day, right?! That will just be absolutely ridiculous. And besides sometimes people here can be rude, I mean if they find your outfit not fitting for the weather they would talk behind your back or even laugh at you. I know, I know I am not supposed to be affected with these kind of criticisms, however, as human as I am I get to be sensitive sometimes. And if I am hurt, I will be having a bad day and we do not want that don’t we? Anyway, let us go back to the rain, I like rainy season because I feel relaxed, the cold air that brushes against my face is just so calming. I can think well when I am cool and relaxed because of the weather.  If the weather is cold, how great it is to stay on your bed hugging your pillow and curled up under your blanket.

Rainy season has its downside as well. The cold weather tends to make you a bit lazy. Because of the cold weather you just want to curl up in bed. And furthermore and most importantly, I do not know how to walk on a wet pavement, aaaarrrrgggghhhh! my pants or legs will get wet and dirty from the wet and muddy streets. Anyway, I will not dwell more on its downside because, if I have to weigh things out I still would love the cold weather. Besides, it does not really last long.

Here is a photo of me donning my boots on a rainy day.Boots