For the Love of Clothes

Since I am feeling a tad better today, I asked my hubby to take a picture of me lookbook style. I always love clothes since I was younger, fitted, loose and out of this world designs makes me feel giddy and happy. I even had the guts to cut my tops and sew ribbons and buttons on it. But now that I am older I know better haha, the simpler way of being fashionable is knowing your body type, wear comfortable and practical clothes. When I say comfort, I literally mean comfortable outfits, you don’t want to go outside wearing tight-fitted outfits that would cause shortness of breath. Now lets go to “practical,” for me practicality does not mean simplicity, choose clothes that are so cute and fun to look at while being able to hold your head up high. You know what I mean! Like do not go over board with your outfits, for instance a cute jacket is okay, but please do not wear it on a super, super hot day just because it is cute. Knowing the place you are going and the people you are going  with is also a good help on choosing what to wear. Anyway, here’s a photo of me!IMG_20151014_075704


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