Private Places


I love this book Private Places by Judith Wilson, basically it gives ideas on how to create your own space inside your own home, without actually, the need of bigger spaces. In this particular book, it teaches how to arrange furniture in order to make the space look spacious despite the limited size. The author explains that, you do not really need a big house just to create a space of your own, for hobbies or for relaxation purposes.  I love looking at the pages of the book especially the part where, the books are displayed on beautiful and practical shelves, because I myself, am a book lover.

There are also various designs to choose from, like if you are a person who loves everything vintage, this book also shows you what furniture to use and how to decorate the room. It even has a page that shows modern ideas for a limited space. But as for me I am more of an eclectic type of person meaning, I want a little bit of mostly everything, from modern, to vintage and even country design.

So imagine, my luck for having bought this book on sale! I was so happy, because at least I have a hardbound copy which I can browse anytime I want without really worrying about internet connections. Because you know sometimes, all you really need is a book.