Halloween School Fiesta

I miss writing here in wordpress, I have been very, very busy. My son just had their Halloween School Fiesta and the parents get to join the fun as well. The kids as well as the parents get to play dress up for this occasion. And since my son is going as a cowboy I took the liberty of dressing up as a cowgirl myself. My close friend in school who is also a mother decided to go with the same costume as I. The children showed us their dance performance and so did their teachers. It was so much fun, after their program, the best part followed eating time! Here are few of the pictures take from this event.

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I really believe that friends, are heaven sent, real friends that is. What is a real friend? Well, first and foremost a real friend is someone who will accept you for who you really are. No buts, no whys just pure acceptance. A real, friend is someone who is frank and honest, not afraid to tell you the truth. She is like a live conscience who will kick you in the gut, if you will not come to your senses. A real friend, is someone who will stand by you and defend you. A true friend is that person who believes in you and who know better. Someone who will never judge you and someone who truly cares.

Once in a while, we get to be lucky to meet real friends, they maybe few, but at least they are real. I’d rather have few friends, who are true to me, than quite a number who are not even honest. Moving on, time is not really a lone basis if a friend is true to you, meaning you can have a friend whom you knew for a long time only to find out that she is not really a friend. And you can also have this friend whom you meet for just a couple of years, who has proven that she is actually worth keeping.

I have my share of ups and downs when it comes to friendship, but I still consider myself lucky, to have meet real friends who are true to themselves and to me as well. Thank God for real friends