How it all started (My husband and I’s photography journey)

Hello everyone, my name is Raine and I am a photographer’s wife. In the year 2012 my husband took liking on taking pictures on whatever subject he finds interesting or even amusing. It all started out as a hobby and little did we know that photography would become part and parcel of our lives. In my coming blogs hopefully (if I won’t get lazy or preoccupied hehe), I will be explaining to you the feelings of getting involved in the world of photography more specifically my husband as a wedding photographer. But for now, I will be sharing to you my husband’s work since 2012 up to present…

Excerpt from his previous works (Rasul Leonor Photography):


Sidney and Angelica

July 7, 2012

Ryan and Janice

Ryan and Janice

March 4, 2013

Bryan and Ivy

Bryan and Ivy

June 15, 2014

Joseph and Joy

Joseph and Joy (E-session)

August 24, 2015

Popee and Weng

Popee and Weng

December 19,2015

Edward and Derdrei

Edward and Derdrei

June 27, 2016

  These are just very few of his works taken from his  Facebook page @Rasul Leonor Photography, for more pictures just visit his page = P. See yah!


For the Love of Clothes

Since I am feeling a tad better today, I asked my hubby to take a picture of me lookbook style. I always love clothes since I was younger, fitted, loose and out of this world designs makes me feel giddy and happy. I even had the guts to cut my tops and sew ribbons and buttons on it. But now that I am older I know better haha, the simpler way of being fashionable is knowing your body type, wear comfortable and practical clothes. When I say comfort, I literally mean comfortable outfits, you don’t want to go outside wearing tight-fitted outfits that would cause shortness of breath. Now lets go to “practical,” for me practicality does not mean simplicity, choose clothes that are so cute and fun to look at while being able to hold your head up high. You know what I mean! Like do not go over board with your outfits, for instance a cute jacket is okay, but please do not wear it on a super, super hot day just because it is cute. Knowing the place you are going and the people you are going  with is also a good help on choosing what to wear. Anyway, here’s a photo of me!IMG_20151014_075704

Life is like a bowl of Grapes and Stawberries

Sometimes, I can compare my life with the taste of fruits it could be sweet, bitter or even sour. But no matter what the taste is, from everybody’s point of view that little bowl of fruits looks colorful. Life is like that, there will be times that we are happy and times that we are sad, whatever our emotions may be our life is still deemed colorful. Even though, I am not that old, I am still proud to say that from years of experience as I grow older each year I have learned to appreciate life even more. My wants and needs swiftly change, from unreasonable spending to practical saving. I have learned to be happy not just basing it on material things but life per se. I love looking at nature, I am most happy spending time with my family even if sometimes we are just in our home watching movies. I love to read books, it takes me to places that even reality cannot create. I love listening to beautiful songs, they could be upbeat or mellow for as long as they give positive vibes, I dig them. I love flowers they make me happy, they are lovely to look at and they smell nice too.

All these simple things is what matters to me most now, it is true, that from buying an expensive outfit you feel happy, but once you are able to purchase it, then take it home that happiness seems to disappear, it does not last that long. Nothing beats the happiness you will feel by spending time with your loved ones during picnics or even in the beach. Looking back to that kind of memory even if it happened years ago, just by reminiscing you will definitely feel happy.  grapes and strawberries

Hello Lazy Me

Oh gosh! I have been meaning to blog, really, it is true. But I did not seem to have the “gusto” to write. Apparently, I caught the dreaded laziness disease. And now, I have found the strength to sit and type, unfortunately, my mind seems to be rattling, as if there are gazillion of ideas running in my head and I cannot pick just one useful and meaningful topic. So I guess this blog will sadly be about me being lazy and all, a not so ideal trait for a mother. Do not get me wrong though, I still do my motherly duties every single day no absence.

Life is still the same filled with colors as always, happy moments, sad moments and of course crazy moments every now and then. Christmas and New Year, I was not able to blog about them, but I think it was beautiful and fast, like I was not really able to taste the beauty of it or in other words if given a choice I wish it lingered more.

New Year’s resolution, I do not have one, not because I may not be able to fulfill them, but I think each year, I get to learn valuable lessons from my mistakes, my peers’ as well as from watching movies. But so far, for this year 2015  my happy experience is my nephew’s first birthday, I get to meet my relatives and friends and most importantly my family had a great time. So this year onwards I am expecting and prayer very, very hard for a beautiful and glorious life.

family pic


Have you guys heard the lyrics, “Let the music heal your soul, let the music take control?” This is one of my inspirational song. Actually, it is not that I like the song so much, but it is more of its lyrics. I truly believe that, when you are sad and feeling blue, listening to a beautiful song can somehow, lift up your spirit. In my life, every time, things do not go my way, music was there to help me when everybody else was busy. Or even if my loved ones were not busy, but I am the one who wants to deal with my own problem, music is my best companion. It is not noisy, demanding, judgmental neither does it have high expectations. Music, is just there to calm my senses and soothe my breaking heart. So my advice to you my dear friends is to give music a chance.


Busy Life

This is my life, Joy, Pain, Happiness, and sometimes my life is in a state of being busy. A state of being busy can be weird sometimes, because when I was in this state, I was not well aware of my emotions. It is like, time seems to fly  by so fast and I tend to become a robot, just doing the same thing over and over again, and in a hurry too, because of the deadline.  I do not exactly know if it is a good thing, but at least my life is not redundant.

I have been very busy for the past two weeks, I miss blogging, I miss browsing the net, and for some weird reason, I miss Facebook. It is not that I do Facebook everyday, but you know, if I am not busy at least I can check out  my account anytime I want. I had to juggle tasks, taking care of my son, taking care of my husband and the small store as well. Wheh!, I am just super glad that I can finally rest for a few days until my next project. Anyway, I am not complaining, in fact, I am appreciative of what is given to me right now.


A Mother’s Heart

There is nothing in this world a mother would not do for her child. That is why whenever a basher strikes, it would take ginormous amount of strength just to keep quite and allow my child to deal with pain on his own. Because sometimes, in order to help your child survive this world filled not only with love but with a lot of haters, is to teach your child to embrace pain and be strong. It is such a sad plight, that we belong to a country where education is not the highest priority. I believe that when a person is well educated, E.Q not just I.Q will also be developed (and please! I am definitely not talking about the diaper thingy). I am hurt as of the moment, because I want to give that person a piece of my mind! However, knowing that it would not lead into a good path or ideal path as such, I opted or my better half conscience literally forced me to ignore deliberate, intentionally, purposive hurtful words. If it were my own choice, I would rant endlessly . Needless to say, I am always here for my son no matter what!.


Emotions can be oh so deep!

Part of being human is to feel enormous amount of pain. In my case, pain when it comes to relationship. I can not seem to handle mine at the moment. Maybe, because my mind is clouded, my heart is distorted or I am simply shattered. I so want to give up. I have been hurt and troubled for these past years, I guess I am just fed up. I feel weird now, I am likened to a robot. It is as if, I do not care anymore. How can I possibly see things clearly when I am in so much pain. He pretends as if things are okay. They are not okay, I am not okay. How I wish I can just shut down or change into an okay mode. Switch On, Switch Off that is. It is not that simple anymore. I cannot leave though, there is too much at stake. I do not want to cause hurt. So, the reality is even if I have to suffer, I have to accept it, this is my life, this is my reality.