How it all started (My husband and I’s photography journey)

Hello everyone, my name is Raine and I am a photographer’s wife. In the year 2012 my husband took liking on taking pictures on whatever subject he finds interesting or even amusing. It all started out as a hobby and little did we know that photography would become part and parcel of our lives. In my coming blogs hopefully (if I won’t get lazy or preoccupied hehe), I will be explaining to you the feelings of getting involved in the world of photography more specifically my husband as a wedding photographer. But for now, I will be sharing to you my husband’s work since 2012 up to present…

Excerpt from his previous works (Rasul Leonor Photography):


Sidney and Angelica

July 7, 2012

Ryan and Janice

Ryan and Janice

March 4, 2013

Bryan and Ivy

Bryan and Ivy

June 15, 2014

Joseph and Joy

Joseph and Joy (E-session)

August 24, 2015

Popee and Weng

Popee and Weng

December 19,2015

Edward and Derdrei

Edward and Derdrei

June 27, 2016

  These are just very few of his works taken from his  Facebook page @Rasul Leonor Photography, for more pictures just visit his page = P. See yah!


The Love Month

Hello World! Everybody seems be fussing about Valentine’s Day, as if it is that big of a deal. Well, reality hits me, it truly is a big deal not just for lovers but for LOVE itself. I have come to believe that, V-day is a day when you commemorate the true value and meaning of love. Let us not focus on the fact of having someone on that day because that would be ridiculous. You do not actually need to fall in love in February just because you wanted to celebrate V-day. That would defeat the real meaning of love, that would become a mockery in fact. Valentine’s Day is actually a beautiful day, it is a reminder to us that we are human and capable of loving. It is a day wherein we are reminded and given a chance to show how much we love the persons who are special to us. I am using plural here because I do not want to focus on a partner or lover alone.

Each year, I see to it that I make this day special not just for my husband but for the rest of my family as well. My understanding of true love have grown through the years. I understand that to be in love means, that you have got to love yourself first , in order to be able to show and give love to others. You must be able to accept who you are and by accept means respect yourself. Next, to be in love means, you have to be in love with life itself. You see, when you are in a relationship you tend to focus on your partner that you forget that the world does not revolve around you alone.  You will tend to forget how to appreciate the fact that you have your family, your work or school for that matter, and your appreciation to your friends will diminish as well. And lastly, to be in love is to grow in love, meaning do not stop appreciating the gestures that your loved ones do to you, may it be little or big. Never stop showing how much you appreciate your loved ones and most importantly be in love with love. See the bigger picture always. =)love bear


Emotions can be oh so deep!

Part of being human is to feel enormous amount of pain. In my case, pain when it comes to relationship. I can not seem to handle mine at the moment. Maybe, because my mind is clouded, my heart is distorted or I am simply shattered. I so want to give up. I have been hurt and troubled for these past years, I guess I am just fed up. I feel weird now, I am likened to a robot. It is as if, I do not care anymore. How can I possibly see things clearly when I am in so much pain. He pretends as if things are okay. They are not okay, I am not okay. How I wish I can just shut down or change into an okay mode. Switch On, Switch Off that is. It is not that simple anymore. I cannot leave though, there is too much at stake. I do not want to cause hurt. So, the reality is even if I have to suffer, I have to accept it, this is my life, this is my reality.



There are a thousand reasons to smile, it could be a raise, high score in Math, a present, a birthday so on and so forth. But the greatest and fulfilling smile that could ever register on your face is when you are in a company of a love one. I do not exactly know how and why is that, whenever you are in love, your senses seem to be heightened. Meaning, your palms become sweaty whenever you see him. You keep on humming a ridiculously romantic tune, without even noticing it. You have difficulty eating, it is as if you are always full. You will be watching romantic movies and gush about them. You keep on day dreaming and you space out haha. And you wake up every single day looking forward to a beautiful and eventful day ahead.

It is beautiful to be in love and it manifests through your smile. But always remember, whatever the reason that brought about that smile, may it be an individual, an event or even a thing, it would be up to you to keep that smile last.

Nota Bene: I am in love with love per se….Church in Bukidnon