How it all started (My husband and I’s photography journey)

Hello everyone, my name is Raine and I am a photographer’s wife. In the year 2012 my husband took liking on taking pictures on whatever subject he finds interesting or even amusing. It all started out as a hobby and little did we know that photography would become part and parcel of our lives. In my coming blogs hopefully (if I won’t get lazy or preoccupied hehe), I will be explaining to you the feelings of getting involved in the world of photography more specifically my husband as a wedding photographer. But for now, I will be sharing to you my husband’s work since 2012 up to present…

Excerpt from his previous works (Rasul Leonor Photography):


Sidney and Angelica

July 7, 2012

Ryan and Janice

Ryan and Janice

March 4, 2013

Bryan and Ivy

Bryan and Ivy

June 15, 2014

Joseph and Joy

Joseph and Joy (E-session)

August 24, 2015

Popee and Weng

Popee and Weng

December 19,2015

Edward and Derdrei

Edward and Derdrei

June 27, 2016

  These are just very few of his works taken from his  Facebook page @Rasul Leonor Photography, for more pictures just visit his page = P. See yah!


Rasul Leonor Photography Weddings and Portraits

I am proud to say that I am the wife of a professional photographer, I am proud to say that I am his assistant in his works and most importantly I am proud of my Photographer husband. He never ceases to improve his craft. He loves his job and he puts passion in his work. I appreciate the fact that even if he is paid for what he is doing, he never compromises his shots. He wants his clients to be happy and content with their pictures. He does not do this for money alone but for the craft itself. Here are some of my favorite photos that he took.

wedding 1

wedding 2

wedding 3

wedding 4

wedding 5

wedding 6

wedding 7

Halloween School Fiesta

I miss writing here in wordpress, I have been very, very busy. My son just had their Halloween School Fiesta and the parents get to join the fun as well. The kids as well as the parents get to play dress up for this occasion. And since my son is going as a cowboy I took the liberty of dressing up as a cowgirl myself. My close friend in school who is also a mother decided to go with the same costume as I. The children showed us their dance performance and so did their teachers. It was so much fun, after their program, the best part followed eating time! Here are few of the pictures take from this event.

wp1 wp2 wp3 wp4 wp5 wp6

Make Up

My husband is a photographer, and sometimes if there is a wedding project, I get to be the second shooter or in other words the assistant(“,). But sometimes, I am forced to be his subject in a photoshoot like this one.(“,)..


I do not know if you guys can recognize this face from a movie, I get the idea from the film “Alice in Wonderland.” I was fascinated by the role of the Queen in the movie, I think that even if she is not really that kind, I still find her funny, her character that is.¬† I did the make up myself, at least I get to practice, until I become comfortable with doing make up on myself regularly. Because, I am not really that comfortable applying make up on myself, although I help some of my friends by doing their make up. I would rather apply make up to another girl than do my own make up. And I love designing the place for a shoot rather than be the subject of the shoot. I just cannot stand still, haha. Oh well, I am looking forward to another shoot, wherein I get to be the make up artist. I was wondering what concept it would be? (“,)..