Gotta love ’em Cupcakes

Yesterday was quite an exhausting day.¬† You know that feeling as if the whole world is closing in on you and that you’re helpless. That was the exact feeling I had. I was tired physically and emotionally. I was sad, upset and angry. I am angry at myself and to the world. I cannot actually explain further the reasons why. But I can vividly share with you my sentiments. You see life is never perfect, and sometimes things does not go the way you planned them to be. It is so frustrating when a good plan is shattered into pieces and it seems that it is no longer reparable.

So, since I was grasping for breath and exasperated, I needed an outlet and clothes nor music do not fit in. I decided to paint. I chose cupcakes as the object of painting because, I love to eat cupcakes, I love to look at them, their colors and designs and I find them  very cute and uplifting, weird but true.Whenever I see cupcakes as I passed by a bakeshop or coffee shop, it makes me smile.

After I finished my painting, I felt good. As if a part of that burden was lifted up from me. I was not completely happy but at least I was calm. And now, I share to you my simple painting = ).cupcakes