The Love Month

Hello World! Everybody seems be fussing about Valentine’s Day, as if it is that big of a deal. Well, reality hits me, it truly is a big deal not just for lovers but for LOVE itself. I have come to believe that, V-day is a day when you commemorate the true value and meaning of love. Let us not focus on the fact of having someone on that day because that would be ridiculous. You do not actually need to fall in love in February just because you wanted to celebrate V-day. That would defeat the real meaning of love, that would become a mockery in fact. Valentine’s Day is actually a beautiful day, it is a reminder to us that we are human and capable of loving. It is a day wherein we are reminded and given a chance to show how much we love the persons who are special to us. I am using plural here because I do not want to focus on a partner or lover alone.

Each year, I see to it that I make this day special not just for my husband but for the rest of my family as well. My understanding of true love have grown through the years. I understand that to be in love means, that you have got to love yourself first , in order to be able to show and give love to others. You must be able to accept who you are and by accept means respect yourself. Next, to be in love means, you have to be in love with life itself. You see, when you are in a relationship you tend to focus on your partner that you forget that the world does not revolve around you alone.  You will tend to forget how to appreciate the fact that you have your family, your work or school for that matter, and your appreciation to your friends will diminish as well. And lastly, to be in love is to grow in love, meaning do not stop appreciating the gestures that your loved ones do to you, may it be little or big. Never stop showing how much you appreciate your loved ones and most importantly be in love with love. See the bigger picture always. =)love bear


Hello Lazy Me

Oh gosh! I have been meaning to blog, really, it is true. But I did not seem to have the “gusto” to write. Apparently, I caught the dreaded laziness disease. And now, I have found the strength to sit and type, unfortunately, my mind seems to be rattling, as if there are gazillion of ideas running in my head and I cannot pick just one useful and meaningful topic. So I guess this blog will sadly be about me being lazy and all, a not so ideal trait for a mother. Do not get me wrong though, I still do my motherly duties every single day no absence.

Life is still the same filled with colors as always, happy moments, sad moments and of course crazy moments every now and then. Christmas and New Year, I was not able to blog about them, but I think it was beautiful and fast, like I was not really able to taste the beauty of it or in other words if given a choice I wish it lingered more.

New Year’s resolution, I do not have one, not because I may not be able to fulfill them, but I think each year, I get to learn valuable lessons from my mistakes, my peers’ as well as from watching movies. But so far, for this year 2015  my happy experience is my nephew’s first birthday, I get to meet my relatives and friends and most importantly my family had a great time. So this year onwards I am expecting and prayer very, very hard for a beautiful and glorious life.

family pic

A Mother’s Heart

There is nothing in this world a mother would not do for her child. That is why whenever a basher strikes, it would take ginormous amount of strength just to keep quite and allow my child to deal with pain on his own. Because sometimes, in order to help your child survive this world filled not only with love but with a lot of haters, is to teach your child to embrace pain and be strong. It is such a sad plight, that we belong to a country where education is not the highest priority. I believe that when a person is well educated, E.Q not just I.Q will also be developed (and please! I am definitely not talking about the diaper thingy). I am hurt as of the moment, because I want to give that person a piece of my mind! However, knowing that it would not lead into a good path or ideal path as such, I opted or my better half conscience literally forced me to ignore deliberate, intentionally, purposive hurtful words. If it were my own choice, I would rant endlessly . Needless to say, I am always here for my son no matter what!.

Halloween School Fiesta

I miss writing here in wordpress, I have been very, very busy. My son just had their Halloween School Fiesta and the parents get to join the fun as well. The kids as well as the parents get to play dress up for this occasion. And since my son is going as a cowboy I took the liberty of dressing up as a cowgirl myself. My close friend in school who is also a mother decided to go with the same costume as I. The children showed us their dance performance and so did their teachers. It was so much fun, after their program, the best part followed eating time! Here are few of the pictures take from this event.

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Love Of My Life

These two boys are the love of my life. We may have misunderstandings and misgivings with regard certain things, but my love for them never falter. And because I love them very much, I also learn to love myself and discover what makes me happy outside my family life. You see, in order to be an efficient mother and a loving wife, there is a need to love and respect yourself first. Only from loving and accepting who you are can you truly love others. How can you value love, when you do  not know what it truly means first hand? How can you know it is true love, when you have not experienced it first hand either?.

Do not be scared and feel guilty of loving yourself, because like me, by loving my self, I was able to show real love to my son and husband.

  Tamugan River